Yoga from an anatomical perspective.

Movement from the soul.


  With the belief that when we embody ourselves fully we create freedom and space, I strive to empower students to cultivate a personal practice from the strength of their roots that extends outward to the mobility of both body and mind. As a yoga teacher of many different influences and theories, I hope to provide options instead of answers, curiosity instead of limitations, and exploration instead of rigidity.  I take a pragmatic approach to moving the body and guiding students through postures and breathing exercises, without losing a healthy dose of poetry and magic.   Whether you are an athlete or an artist, an IT professional or a grad student the goal is to meet you where you are, and provide a flexible approach to the practice of yoga.  The sort of yoga that works for you is the most likely to create organic transformation, so each encounter with the mat must have space as well as ritual. Encouraging a practical technique to breath, focus and movement, I seek to illuminate the corporeal and emotional selves as tools of personal discovery.  

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